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Free Yo' Mind Notebook

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Why is it our brain decides to party when we lay down in bed? Or it wakes us up with that answer or idea we spent ALL DAMN DAY trying to come up with? Who bloody knows?!

We definitely aren't brain experts and we can't tell you why you think this way. But what did do is create this A6 piece of goodness to sit on your bedside table, ready and waiting for you to scribble down what's on your mind so you don't have to get out of bed.

Free Yo' Mind - Musings of a late night mind is the perfect gift for that over-thinking, over-achieving, forever-dreaming friend.

A6 size
100 pages
Spiral Bound
100gsm Ecostar uncoated paper

She comes packaged in a calico bag so you can keep her tucked in or have her on display - the choice is yours.

All of our packaging products are sourced and produced with sustainability in mind. We encourage you to reuse, regift or recycle wherever you can.

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