Subscriptions will re-open in the new year.

The main reason quarterly is best? Because we can fit in SO.MUCH.GOODNESS to keep you motivated and on track. Otherwise you would need your weeties to lug it around.

But the added bonus is that you get a gorgeous new design every 3 months, we can continue to add and develop elements relevant to current business needs, focus on specific topics and times of year AND there is nothing better than a "reboot" as business owners. Fresh pages, fresh perspective.

If you subscribe your new journal every quarter will arrive with no fuss and with added perks, easy payments and each edition is only $34.95 (plus $10.95 P,P &H) saving you $10 each quarter.


With a simple payment every 3 months via our subscription system we will make sure that you never miss out on an edition. Delivered to your door without hassle or anything for you to do. Sounds heavenly right?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, there is no lock-in contract. The only thing we insist is that you need to cancel your next edition before your payment is processed. Meaning once your payment for the next edition has been made, your next edition will go into production and you can't then cancel that order.

The simple and easy to follow terms and conditions can be found here - please read them before subscribing to make sure you know all the ins and outs of the #controlfreak lifestyle. The diaries are shipped in the first 2 weeks of the month before the start of the quarter.

Each quarter you can log in and choose your cover choice* - giving you the freedom to switch between a monochrome mood to colourful craziness whenever you damn well please. Because prerogative. All you need to do is choose the "Subscribe & Save" option when adding your diary to the cart and follow the set up prompts after that. Now comes the tough need decide if you are starting out on #teammonochrome or #teamcolour.

Welcome to the family, we can't wait to get to know you.

*Unless we are celebrating a collaboration with a guest artist, in which case we go a single cover design for everyone to enjoy and get to know the artist.


(Your sanity and your dollars)