No bullsh*t, this diary has changed my life! [Words of a freak]

Want to know why we created the diary the way it is? Well, Claire from Embar Designs has summed it right up for you. 😉

"No bullsh*t, this diary has changed my life! 
In the past I feel like I could have run a stationery shop with the amount of business planners, diaries, bullet journals, weekly/monthly planners and notepads floating around - half used, with multiple entries in each as they together couldn’t accommodate life + work + business.. and just constantly being added to. Being visually motivated, everyone’s suggestions to just put it all in my phone with reminders just didn’t work for me!
Running a small business can be overwhelming to say the least, but this little book of power has led to my best and most productive quarter so far yet!
I love the extended time ranges - I don’t work 9-5 and a lot of my appointments & deadlines for both work and life happen outside regular hours too - I’ve gone from forgetful and missing deadlines and jobs to on time for most things, and being able to see the time blocks clearly and clearly has led to me not overbooking and burning out (it’s a new feeling!)
I really like the minimalistic feel and colour scheme of the design, it isn’t overwhelming but isn’t stock standard generic either.
The paper is smooth and loves my highlighters and pens and being left handed the size of it doesn’t affect my writing either, even though I’ve found spiral bounds tend to be difficult for me to write in in the past from other brands.
I also enjoy that the to-do list isn’t vast. There is enough space on each line to write either a small reminder, or a little more detailed entry, and instead of my page long to do lists of days gone, I now have a concise actionable plan for each day.
I really love the business building sections as well as all the little reminders on random days - sometimes it’s just what I need to take a minute and be mindful and stop rushing around and take a minute for myself or to work on the business rather than just work in the business. I look forward to having a new clean diary every quarter as well as having the choice between 2 covers.
You also sold me on the monthly spread with enough room to write multiple events, and that starts on a Monday which is perfect for the way I schedule my jobs. So from the absolute bottom of my heart - thankyou thankyou thankyou for producing my right hand (wo)man! I couldn’t imagine using any other diary or organisational tool anymore!"

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