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myFREAKINGpen - Erasable Pens

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These pens are designed to ROCK YOUR WORLD*. the very least keep your diary scribble-free.

They come in a colourful set of 4 - one each of the black, blue, red and green - inspired by those of you who like to colour code your days ... you know who you are.

The pens work on all matte paper (gloss can be a little temperamental and high maintenance #diva) and will make your words disappear without a trace** in just a few swipes with the eraser pad at the end of the pen.

And the best thing? If someone tries to steal one from you we have given them to ultimate name for you to yell with enthusiasm at them. "Give me back myFREAKINGpen!!!". You're welcome.

So, if you love to have absolute control over your life - and we know you do - these are for you.

*May or may not rock your world, only time will tell.

** Depending on how forceful you are with your pen, there may be slight traces/scratching left on the paper just like any pen you would every use. So for best results just ease up on the heavy hands, freaks.


Please note: The ink in these erasable pens will become colourless if exposed to temperatures of approx 60 degrees Celsius or higher. If this happens, you can colour the ink again with temperatures below -10 degrees Celsius. (Ie. put it in the freezer for a few minutes!)

Information erased with the pen eraser can be recoloured, so we do not recommend using these pens for sensitive information. Always shred or appropriately dispose of sensitive or private information.