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"Meetings & Scribbles" Book

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Pages and pages dedicated to your meeting/phone call/event scribbles. Can we get a hell yeah??

This book is a perfect companion to your #controlfreak diary if you find you always run out of meeting pages in the quarter, or if you run a few different businesses or projects and want to separate out your meeting notes for them. Or maybe you like to organise your time digitally (no judgement here) but still love the old paper and pen when you are taking down notes.

Take control of your bazillion meetings with:

  • 200 pages of note taking goodness
  • Contents page so you can track what your scribbles are all about
  • A few quote pages thrown in just to remind you there is life beyond the that 2 hour meeting

PLEASE NOTE : This is a brand new product to our range so we currently have a limited print run in stock, after these are sold we will print to order twice a week until a larger print run is done. We know this isn't ideal but we absolutely HATE to waste paper and we didn't want to overprint if you guys weren't liking what we were putting down. You get it, right?