Aches, pains, strains and all the joys of spending too many hours at your desk. We've all experienced it, and if you haven't then it's likely you will. Unless you are wayyyyy better at doing all the right things than we are - which in all honesty wouldn't be hard. 

The amazing Marie from Empress of Order offered to share some of her wisdom with the freak family on how to set a workstation up to maximise comfort (winning) and identify any areas that may need to be improved.

We know your control freak tendencies will jump all over this shiz, I mean who doesn't want to have the best damn setup in town? 

Formatted for the list lovers and checkbox fanatics, here is a checklist to get you sorted. Download it and for freak's sake look after yourself!


Meet Marie, the Empress of Order :

Empress of Order was born in 2018 when I made the decision to leave a senior role in my corporate nine to five to get more balance in my life.  I know that sounds a bit clichéd, but it's the truth. 

I've spent most of my career in administration - firstly in construction, mining, aviation and finally oil & gas. ​During my working career I've learned a wide range of skills and built experience in all aspects of administration, reporting, communications, procedures and safety. 

I’m obsessed with detail. I love organisation, order and making life easier for my clients. I get a kick out of a well-executed spreadsheet or a beautiful presentation, and I’m well known for producing work to a high standard, even under pressure. ​

I live in the beautiful Perth Hills with my hubby and two fur babies, Jasper and Willow.  I love coffee in the morning and champagne or cocktails in the evening! My favourite travel destinations are Paris and Reim in France – can you guess why?

Marie Robertson-King
Head Empress and Virtual Assistant
0409 418 800

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Kathie Thomas

This is great Marie – everyone should be aware of what’s important for them when at a computer for hours on end. Thanks for sharing.

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